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One of the most amazing, fun and innovative products you will love to wear! SR Hair is amazing in quality and the simplest and quickest extensions to apply! Longer, Thicker Hair Instantly! No clips, No glue, No damage! It’s so EASY! Using an adjustable miracle wire, every customer can be sure that their SR Flip in Hair Extension will be a perfect fit every time!

SR Hair is worn by it being placed on your head, with your own hair pulled through and over the miracle wire. You’ll quickly discover why SR Hair is an award winning design!

Styling Tip : Go a shade darker for a highlighted effect or a shade lighter for an ombre look. Either way, you can’t go wrong! SR Hair Extensions will blend effortlessly into your hair color.

How to Use SR Flip in Hair Extension?
1. Simply place hair extension on your head, sitting firmly and comfortably on your crown.
2. Pull your own hair over the miracle wire and brush the hair extension through to blend in with your own hair!
3. If you fell the hairpiece below the back of your head, you can use a few bobby pins to hold it on.

How to adjust SR Flip in Hair Extension?
With our miracle wire, you can adjust the hair extension to suit your head shape and get the SR Hair you deserve every time! Once fitted to your head simply tie the miracle wire in several knots and cut off the excess and keep in your box.

Will my SR Hair stay in place?
Your SR Hair is custom fit and sits on top of your head like a halo. After you gently pull your hair out and over to cover your entire SR Hair, including the miracle wire, the weight of your hair lying on top of the SR Hair, will keep it secure and in place.You will be able to mildly shake your head without it coming off.

SARLA Halo Synthetic Hairpieces Flip in Women Hair Extension Natural Wave Halo Hair Extensions M01

SARLA Halo Synthetic Hairpieces Flip in Women Hair Extension Natural Wave Halo Hair Extensions M01 Features

  • Material:100% Japan High Temperature Fiber
  • Color:As Picture Shown (May Vary By Monitor)
  • Weight:about 100-110g Length:Approx 20″ Width: Approx 10″
  • You can make different style as you can, it can change to many different styles by yourself.
  • Wear it will make you more beautiful and confident.

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