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Highlight your look with the pure and cool colors of the Pura Vida Arctic Waves Bracelet that will undeniably radiate your style!

This is an accessory genuinely made by artisans of Costa Rica and has this pure artistry that will bring out your inner fashionista; a versatile accessory that carries out your simple yet eye-catching style.

Wear a bracelet that is made for style and comfort without those unnecessary abrasions on your wrist because it is made and designed with a subtle braided slipknot in a carefully combined color palette. It’s also worry-free for your wrist because it’s adjustable for about 2 – 5 inches in diameter. Attached is a beautifully crafted and iron-coated copper “P” charm symbolizing the authenticity of design by Pura Vida. Wear it anywhere and anytime during dry or even wet seasons because it’s 100% waterproof with a high-quality wax coating, preventing it from wearing out due to dynamic weather conditions. You can even wear this in the shower or while you’re at the beach.

It’s simple, elegant, and whispers that this is an accessory that every one of your friends will be envious to have. The Arctic Waves Bracelet from Pura Vida is your personality on your wrist!

Pura Vida Arctic Waves Bracelet  Handcrafted with IronCoated Copper Charm  WaxCoated 100% Waterproof

Pura Vida Arctic Waves Bracelet Handcrafted with IronCoated Copper Charm WaxCoated 100% Waterproof Features

  • SUPPORTING LOCAL PUERTO RICAN ARTISANS – Each piece is handcrafted by artisans in Costa Rica and features an exquisite design that is thoughtfully designed with love. Every bracelet from Pura Vida provides full-time jobs for these impeccable artists.
  • REFRESHINGLY COOL AND PURE COLORS – Enjoy its clean color palette of a beautiful sky blue and pure white color combination that will shine up your look.
  • BRACELET FOR ALL SEASONS – This accessory is 100% waterproof. Be it under the sun or under the sea, during the cold and wet seasons; this premium bracelet will not crumble easily under harsh weather conditions.
  • ADJUSTABLE BAND – It’s designed with an adjustable band that allows wearers to create the perfect fit for them. The bracelet’s band can be adjusted from 2 to 5 inches in diameter.
  • LOVELY COPPER CHARM – Comes with an iron-coated “P” charm made of copper, adding a mark of authenticity for this accessory that’s originally designed by Pura Vida.

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