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For anyone looking for added comfort and security while wearing a wig, the wig rip extra hold wig comfort band from MILANO COLLECTION is a must-have. This soft, comfortable and easy to wear band allows you to fasten your wig without glue, tape, clips or combs available in three colors – black, brown and tan – this ultra comfortable wig fastener provides worry-free security throughout the day. It’s ideal for people with alopecia and those going through chemotherapy and is also designed to eliminate headaches and prevent bald spots.

MILANO COLLECTION WiGrip Extra Hold Wig Comfort Band Tan

MILANO COLLECTION WiGrip Extra Hold Wig Comfort Band Tan Features

  • Serious security – secures your wig in place with no glue or tape so you don’t have to fuss with it throughout the day
  • Prevents headaches – eliminates wig-related headaches by placing a barrier between your skull and the wig’s materials, offers a snug but not tight fit
  • Adjustable design – adjustable and one size fits all with simple design so you can quickly tailor it to your preferences and head size
  • Multiple colors available – also comes in a variety of additional colors to match your wigs for discreet wear, including black and brown
  • Top-rated item – check out wig rip’s hundreds of customer reviews to see just how much our customers adore wig grip

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