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1 x Mannequin Head with Synthetic Fiber Hair;
1 x Table Clamp Stand.
Packaged in color box.
If the table clamp stand is not included accidentally, please don’t worry and contact us, we will ship you one immediately.

If you want to curl the synthetic fiber hair, after using curl iron you must keep the hair curled shape until the hair cools down. DON’T PUT THE HAIR DOWN WHEN IT’S STILL HOT.

26″28″ Mannequin Head Hair Styling Training Head Manikin Cosmetology Doll Head Synthetic Fiber Hair Features

  • Total Length: 26-28 inches (from the forehead to the back hair end), Individual Hair Strand: 20 inches;
  • Suitable for washing/conditioning, curling/straightening, cutting, braiding and hair-styling.
  • Material: High-temperature resistance fiber hair (suitable with flat/curl iron 80 to 180 Celsius);
  • Can be used by hairdresser, hair stylist, barber shop and the cosmetology school students;
  • A great doll gift for children, students, and woman to practice hairstyles. Packaged in color box.

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